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درباره شرکت

Mojan Engineering Company was founded in 1993 with the aim of designing and construction of water (potable and process) and wastewater (municipal and industrial) treatment facilities, improving its concerned engineering knowledge, and increasing the capacities of engineering, procurement and construction of water and wastewater treatment plants.

In order to achieve this, Mojan Co. has executed a large number of industrial and municipal wastewater as well as potable and process water treatment plants through his expert personnel and applying well-known international ... (بیشتر)

آخرین اخبار و رویدادها

افتتاحيه تصفيه خانه فاضلاب شهر شهريار

تصفيه خانه فاضلاب شهر شهريار با ظرفيتي بالغ بر 40هزار متر مكعب  در شبانه روز در تاريخ 1395/05/13 با حضور معاون اول  رياست محترم جمهور اسلامي ، جناب آقاي دکتر جهانگيري ايران افتتاح گرديد. اين تصفيه خانه بزرگترين تصفيه خانه به بهره برداري رسيده به شيوه SBR ...